Grab great Damsel in Defense Bundle

Damsel in Defense is a company that wants to equip, empower, & educate many women while

making money and having fun. This company provides several self-defense products. The most

prominent products of Damsel in Defense are stun gun and pepper spray. You can get Damsel in

Defense bundle for cheaper purchase. The stun gun is not same as the usual gun. This gun is

specifically produced for women, so its design is chic. There are a lot of color selections like

blue, pink, black, and silver. You can pick the finest one that is suitable with your style. The fine

shape of this gun allows you to keep safe this gun. Other people m ay not know that you own a

stun gun.

The stun gun from Damsel in Defense is created with low amperage, but it has high voltage. It

will stop the assailant for the moment, but it will not cause serious pain. This gun keeps energy

that will lessen the blood sugar of the assailant. The assailant will be incapable to produce energy

for his power. His body also cannot be used well. He can miss his stability when the stun gun

directs his neuromuscular system. He is not able to touch your body. The high voltage of this

stun gun is effective over clothing. If you have stun gun with lower voltage, you ought to make

contact with his skin. Buy Damsel in Defense bundle to pay cheaper. The Damsel in Defense

stun gun is not permitted to be shipped to all zones. There are some regulated zones for the

shipping of stun gun.

By bringing this stun gun, many women can feel harmless when mobile in the dark place. A

woman can walk assertively when she should walk in dark parking area to get her car. As we

know that a dark place is a possible area for crimes. If a woman walks alone with no safety item,

she will be attacked easily by the assailant. Damsel in Defense creates stun guns that are handy

so they can be used effortlessly. With an easy operation, a woman can stop the assailant action


Generally, Damsel in Defense will hold a Party. You can come and buy a safe and sassy Damsel

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to learn about the business, the damsel pro is also ready. You can discuss about how to run your

own business after the party. By attending the party, you can check out some protection stun

guns, alarms and pepper spray. You can also take your time to check out its website and order

some products to protect all of your loved ones. Attending a party also helps the member gets

some hostess credits. You can also get only $179 for start up kit priced at a $325. This kit is full

of stun guns, personal alarms and pepper spray. If you have any questions, especially about

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